Treasured treasures.

I know there is a lot of action with this blog... Try to keep up, will you? 

I suppose it's lack of time/energy, not lack of content, that has allowed this well-intended blog to become somewhat of a ghost-town. Allow me to sweep a tumbleweed or two aside and share this...

Today, via Twitter (@Mental_Floss), I learned about Forgotten Bookmarks. Though not library-related, it has to do with books (more accurately: bookmarks), so it works for Don't Be Daft.  

The page was created and is maintained by a rare book seller by the name of Michael - who now runs his family shop where began working at the tender age of 7. Within his Forgotten Bookmarks Q&A he thanks one Carol Corbett for her help...whether she helped with the Q&A portion or the site as a whole, I'm not sure. At any rate, props to Carol as well. 

Michael's site intro reads as follows (click for full photo):

Below, I have copied the photos from one his posts to give you a taste of what it is he's doing (read: this content does not belong to me). You may peruse his many entries by visiting his blog. Additionally - if you're into social networking - you may follow him on Twitter or head to his Facebook page. You librarians might dig some of the rare book convos happening on a message board he's created; you can ask questions as well. 

It's the romantic and the random in me the bookmarks, hope you do as well! ~ A

Example of post (book + front & back of bookmark-photo):