New Spice

Lyn shared this one (thanks, Lyn!). Pretty good impression, and pretty cute video. It's a good day for library links.

Again...may work best to view it on YouTube

"Library Girl"

Nice! A library-related video that I don't find embarrassing...  Clever lyrics and I dig the song; I do believe I would purchase it on iTunes if available.   

On her FB page, one fan recommends this as a way to have a copy (so to speak) of her music. I had no idea; this could be a good great beautiful thing. I'd like to support her as an artist though.. Reina, I'll be happy to send $.99 or $1.29 (true to iTunes form), your call. 

Check her YouTube channel for other music and some FAQs. Happy listening!!  

(If the formatting of the blog does not adjust to view the full video, clicking the video will take you to YouTube...where you can see it all.)


Treasured treasures.

I know there is a lot of action with this blog... Try to keep up, will you? 

I suppose it's lack of time/energy, not lack of content, that has allowed this well-intended blog to become somewhat of a ghost-town. Allow me to sweep a tumbleweed or two aside and share this...

Today, via Twitter (@Mental_Floss), I learned about Forgotten Bookmarks. Though not library-related, it has to do with books (more accurately: bookmarks), so it works for Don't Be Daft.  

The page was created and is maintained by a rare book seller by the name of Michael - who now runs his family shop where began working at the tender age of 7. Within his Forgotten Bookmarks Q&A he thanks one Carol Corbett for her help...whether she helped with the Q&A portion or the site as a whole, I'm not sure. At any rate, props to Carol as well. 

Michael's site intro reads as follows (click for full photo):

Below, I have copied the photos from one his posts to give you a taste of what it is he's doing (read: this content does not belong to me). You may peruse his many entries by visiting his blog. Additionally - if you're into social networking - you may follow him on Twitter or head to his Facebook page. You librarians might dig some of the rare book convos happening on a message board he's created; you can ask questions as well. 

It's the romantic and the random in me the bookmarks, hope you do as well! ~ A

Example of post (book + front & back of bookmark-photo):