Stirred, not shaken.

There is a gentleman who volunteers with us here @ work - who we are completely convinced should lend (no library pun intended) his wit/thoughts to the greeting card industry. He is a very private person and a man of very few words; in fact, I've never known anyone of as few words.

A couple of birthdays ago, I was utterly surprised by his signature on my birthday card. He says so little; in fact, his greeting is usually a respectful nod of the head. ...But he can deliver a fantastic one-liner. Perfectly dry (with two olives) and such a fun contrast against the typical [perfectly well intentioned] "happy birthday"s. Not that I don't appreciate any and every well-wish from my coworkers - because I do! His signature has simply become the highlight of each office birthday.

In 2006, he signed...

"With deepest sympathy on this mournful occasion."


"What happens on your birthday, stays on your birthday."

2008...(which I received today)

May the birthday beagle not leave presents on the carpet of your life.

Thanks, William, you're a gem!