A Long December...

There are more pictures of Renée's finger. Lots more. It became infected and...just...gross. Then it healed. There are few people who have it within them to turn slice like that into a month (or close) long healing process. Two of those few people - are me & Renée. 

She celebrated 5 years of employment here since we (I) last posted. Her gift from our department was her very own miniature skeleton. I believe the box actually said..."My First Skeleton". ( ...Only at a medical school gift shop. We didn't have anything like this at the supe store at Alabama.) There is a story behind it (the skeleton); I trust you'll trust me when I say...trust me, it was an appropriate gift.

I'll leave it to her to post pictures [of the skeleton]...maybe THAT will get her started in participating in this blog. That, and she's come across some lovely article titles lately.

The impetus for this particular post is William and the signing of my birthday card for the year. I've mentioned his talent before...thought to share it again now.  

Happy New year!!! ~ A